…and why it’s easier to think you are.

“You don’t know me.”

“You don’t know my story.”

“You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

I’m not buying it.

As humans, we love a good story. That’s why we read novels, get swept up into our favourite Netflix series characters, or find fascination in history. It’s also why we ask our friends to recount their latest trip overseas or their week gone by. Shit…it’s why we share our daily activities on Instagram. Human beings connect through stories.

You have a story. I have a story. Our stories are valid, they were…

…and what it probably means if you are.

I’ll put it straight; if you love what you do (or at the very least, like it) you don’t have to explain what you do to anyone. If you’re working on something: perhaps a creative project, a side gig, teaching yoga as is my case…or god forbid you want to become a writer, etc, then congratulations you are following your inner guidance and (probably) avoiding a life of eternal suffering in the job you never wanted.

Do you find yourself feeling the need to justify your choices again and again; to grandma…

My Experience Breaking the Habit

In September 2019 I went to Ubud, Bali to undertake a graduate 300 hr training in yoga therapeutics. On the first day, we were given the rules: no alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking and no fraternising with any of the other students. ‘Standard’ I thought to myself, especially for yoga teacher training. “Oh and no coffee either for the entire 24 days”. Then my stomach did a little awkward gurgle. …

July 18 saw Instagram update its app to no-longer show the number of likes a user’s photo receives. The trial is being run here in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy and Japan. I’m sure you’ve likely seen the articles or heard the radio shows discussing who’s liking the changes, and who’s not (hello influencers). So what about the instafamous yogis? How will they respond?

Influencers are all over the instagram platform and speak to heaps of topics, lifestyles and niches. Yogi is certainly saturated. Has this been a bad thing? I think so.

#Yogagram can be pretty shit (imo…)

To clarify, I don’t think having heaps…

The truth is, I feel like we’re supposed to love our bodies unconditionally…

Six months ago I shared how regularly practicing naked yoga slowly stripped away shame around my body and built inner acceptance in its place. So, when my body confidence plummeted recently it side swiped me to say the least. Hadn’t I already ‘gotten over’ this? Cue heaps of guilt for feeling self-loathing toward my body, on top of the loathing itself. What a brilliant shame spiral.

Backstory: I’ve been having some gut-health issues lately which I feel uncomfortable about. I realised that I feel uncomfortable because I…

Being the detached observer

My Over Share

I feel guilty about sex. I feel guilty about avoiding sex. I feel guilty about not training my body, then I feel guilty about overdoing it. I feel guilty about taking on too many things at once, and I feel guilty about not doing enough.

I feel guilty about wanting more, and wanting to be ‘successful’. I feel guilty about wanting to earn millions of dollars. I feel guilty for not having the perfect life and for not starting each and every damn day with a super healthy super organic green super smoothie.

I feel guilty when I stay up…

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I want to be really honest about something. When I changed my career to be a yoga teacher my income almost halved (literally…like just under half of it gone). I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. To me at least, it was worth it. I believe in what I do.

Quitting my very nicely paying, cushy permanent public service job was not realistic. Telling my parents, I was “throwing away” the last 5 ½ years of university and consequent work as a town planner to become…a yoga teacher…certainly wasn’t ‘realistic’. It…

On Tapas: the yogi concept of dedication

The universe will test your word again and again. It will ask you to step forward but it will not make you. It ultimately must come from you.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. — Herodotus

I smiled when I first read those words engraved into an elaborate columned building from the vantage point of a big red tour bus slowly meandering around New York City during mid 2018. At first, I was struck by how ugly nearby…

Before you step into a yoga class you take your shoes off. Practicing barefoot is not only traditional, but it feels better. It grounds you, symbolically leaves the business of the day at the door, and for me, most importantly it puts everyone on the same playing field. Feet can be a massive point of resistance for people and their bodies and when we take our shoes off, we allow ourselves to be a little bit more vulnerable then perhaps we might normally in a public setting.

Through the practice of men’s naked yoga I have discovered that when we…

Will I get an erection? Will they make us go into a strange pose with my exposed buttocks straight up into the air? What if I accidentally fart right into the room?

The reason I went to a naked yoga class, was because I was terrified of going to a naked yoga class. There was growth there.

Despite exploring yoga for years, I had never considered nude yoga as anything more than a passing thought, writing it off as strange, terrifying and just ‘not for me’. One evening though, whilst listening to a podcast interviewing Yogi Aaron, considered the father…

Andrew Anthony

www.warriorkind.net I am a yoga guide, fascinated by how our ‘humanness’ & our spirituality intersect. I write on applying yoga practically to modern life now.

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